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Insulin syringe 0.3 ml U-100 - BD Micro-Fine Plus DEMI 30G (0.30 x 8.0 mm)

The company "Becton-Dickinson" is known for creating the world's first insulin syringe in 1924, almost immediately after the discovery of insulin. At the moment, "Becton-Dickinson" is the world leader in the manufacture of insulin injection devices and the latest generation of products of the "Micro-Fine Plus" line clearly shows why Among the distinctive features of the latest generation of disposable insulin syringes:

  • High dosing accuracy is provided by minimizing the "dead zone" problem due to the integration of a non-removable needle. Thus, the risk of developing diabetes is also reduced.
  • A special patented silicone coating will allow minimizing tissue injury and reducing the risk of developing lipohypertrophy.
  • The piston is made using the latest latex-free technology, which allows minimizing the risk of allergic reactions to latex in patients and medical personnel.
  • The large and unwashed scale ensures accurate insulin dosing for patients with poor vision.
  • BD Micro-Fine Plus® insulin syringes can be distinguished by volume (0.3-0.5-1.0 ml), dosage step (2 - 1 - 0.5 units) and needle length (8 - 12.7 mm), which allows you to choose a syringe with a needle that is ideal for a specific patient.
  • BD Micro-Fine Plus® insulin syringes were created not only for adult patients. The scale step of 2 units will allow you to easily measure the dose of insulin necessary for the child. BD Micro-Fine Plus insulin syringes can be recommended not only to pregnant women, but also to patients who were prescribed insulin for the first time: a thin and small needle of 0.3 mm x 8 mm will make the injection more painless.

Manufacturing material:

  • Piston, cylinder: polypropylene.
  • Piston seal: latex-free synthetic rubber.
  • Lubricant: silicone oil.

Insulin syringe 0.3 ml U-100 - BD Micro-Fine Plus DEMI 30G (0.30 x 8.0 mm)

  • Becton Dickinson

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