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Abbott FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor

FreeStyle Libre 3 - is an advanced continuous glucose monitor designed for convenient and accurate glucose monitoring in people with diabetes. This innovative system allows users to measure glucose without the need to prick their fingers, providing a significant relief in everyday life.


  • The measurement range is 3.3 - 22.2 mmol/l
  • The working time of the sensor is 14 days
  • Warm-up time - 1 hour
  • Insertion depth - 5 mm
  • The input angle is 90 degrees
  • Water resistance - Up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter
  • Placement options - The back of the shoulder
  • Data transfer - Bluetooth
  • Frequency of reading / synchronization - Every minute
  • Sensor Size - Approximately 21mm in diameter, 2.9mm thick
  • Reader size - N/A, own smartphone
  • What alarms - High, low, signal loss
  • Alarm notification on smartphone - Yes
  • Connecting a smart watch - Yes
  • Remote Tracking - Yes, via LibreLinkUp
  • Physician Data - Yes, via LibreView
  • Age designation - >4 years


General information:


FreeStyle Libre 3 is a product made using advanced technologies and materials. The FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor is approximately 21mm in diameter and 2.9mm thick, making it compact and comfortable to carry. The sensor allows you to measure the level of glucose without pricking your fingers, thanks to which patients can receive accurate data without discomfort. The FreeStyle Libre 3 has built-in Bluetooth to transfer data between the sensor and compatible devices, including smartphones. This allows users to conveniently receive and analyze glucose data.

The FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor has high resistance and long-lasting operation for 14 days. This allows users to not worry about frequent sensor replacements and focus on monitoring their glucose levels. In addition, the FreeStyle Libre 3 system has a number of additional features to facilitate glucose control. It supports different types of alarms, including high, low and signal loss alarms. Users can also receive alarm notifications on their smartphones, which allows them to always be aware of changes in glucose levels. In addition, the FreeStyle Libre 3 system supports connection to smart watches and provides remote tracking via LibreLinkUp.

In addition, glucose data can be easily viewed and sent to the doctor using LibreView, simplifying monitoring and consultation with medical professionals.

Abbott FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor

  • Freestyle Libre 3 sensor;

    Firing device.

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