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  • What is a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) such as the Abbott FreeStyle Libre?
    A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a tool for people with diabetes. It measures your glucose level 24 hours a day when you wear the sensor.
  • Main features of sensors
    Freestyle Libre sensors give you a broad view of your glucose levels in real time. This will help you better control your diabetes. Features: Measurements without pricking your fingers Round-the-clock blood sugar level analysis
  • Pros of Abbott FreeStyle Libre sensors
    You don't need to do any finger pricks. You can more easily take insulin therapy to avoid high peaks or deep troughs because you have constant glucose control. Not only do you see your sugar level at the moment, but you also see what your readings were when you weren't looking at the data, for example at night, during exercise or after dinner. Thanks to the sensor, you always know whether the blood glucose level is falling, normal or rising. You can set alarms for almost all glucose levels. You will then be alerted if your blood sugar levels become too high or too low. The sensor allows other people to monitor the sugar level sufficiently. For example, parents can see their child's glucose level on their phone. The sensor shows how your blood glucose level responds to things like insulin, food, exercise, sleep and stress. This will give you a much better understanding of why your glucose levels rise or fall. Everything becomes more transparent. You can share your glucose sensor data with your diabetes doctor and see how you can improve your diabetes care together.
  • Cons of Abbott FreeStyle Libre sensors
    With the help of a sensor, you can suddenly see everything. You can see how your glucose rises from something like a cookie or chocolate, and you'll also see how quickly it can drop again. This can make you anxious and make you feel like you have to deal with your diabetes all the time. The sensor does not measure directly in the blood, but in the subcutaneous tissue. This means that the sensor reading is often slightly behind the reading you get with the meter. On average for ten minutes. You wear a sensor on your body 24/7. If you use the alarm function, you can receive notifications at inconvenient times, such as at night or during class. Do you often have high or low values or large fluctuations in your glucose level? Be aware that sensor readings in high or low areas may be less reliable. There are glucose sensors that need to be calibrated. This may mean that you still need to check your glucose levels regularly. With a glucose sensor, you have the opportunity to improve your diabetes control. This is certainly an advantage, but it means that you will have to deal with your diabetes more often. The sensor itself will not improve glucose levels. This will only work if you start eating differently, exercising more, or injecting more or less insulin based on the data from your sensor. Many people do this after consulting their doctor.
  • Where are you?
    We are located in the city of Zaporizhia. But we ship all over Ukraine with the help of Nova Poshta
  • Do I need a reader for the FreeStyle Libre sensors?
    No. Readers are no longer needed to read sugar readings. You can read with the LibreLink or Libre 3 app.
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